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  • Life Balance
  • Life Balance

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Want to know a secret? There is no such thing as life balance, not at least the kind written about endlessly in books and magazine articles. Because balance implies equal amounts of time spent in every area of your life which is problematic because this is not real life.
Some days, all you do is parent.
Others all you do is work.
Some days it is school; others friends.
What real life balance, the achievable and necessary kind, actually looks like is constantly re-centering yourself. It is a reminder that during a period when you are stretching, stretching, stretching for your dreams to take time to snuggle with a good book, to stay late some days and sleep late others, to schedule a play date with your kids and another with your friends. It is an invitation to love--and thereby spend time--with every area of your life that matters, just not all at once because that is not life or balance. That is unrealistic.

Choose the Life Balance symbol if you want all of the areas of your life to intersect happily.

Now, go select your jewelry "well" to hold your intentions.


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