Eagle Feather of Bravery Symbol


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  • Eagle Feather of Bravery Symbol
  • Eagle Feather of Bravery Symbol

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Fearless has become a huge buzz word. Understandably so, a life without fear sounds amazing.
It also is unrealistic.
Bravery does not mean you're without fear. It means being afraid and doing it anyway.
Bravery is a choice, coming in a split second when you need to be the hero or sometimes after a long internal battle where you finally decide you want it more than you are afraid of it. Bravery comes in many forms--taking chances, facing down hardship, asking him out, asking for help. Whatever form bravery takes for you this symbol is for anybody who needs to be reminded of how limiting not facing our fears really can be. 

Choose the Eagle feather of bravery to help remind you that you are braver than you know. And it is going to be amazing.

Now, go select your jewelry "well" to hold your intentions.


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