Peace Symbol


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  • Peace Symbol
  • Peace Symbol

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You're tied up in knots. You feel weak, afraid, tired. The stress of your life is overwhelming with seemingly no way to control the downward spiral of negative thinking. You know full well that if you continue down this path it leads to unhappiness and disease, but you also know that you seek the lightness of being and inner peace is within your grasp.
You know this, deep down know this, because at one point in your life you had it, maybe it was as a child or early in your youth, or as recently as last week. But somewhere along the way stresses of responsibility and life weighed you down. The good thing is there is hope, there can always be change, there can be peace in your life if you choose it for yourself. 
Let this symbol be a reminder to stop. To breathe. 
To not let your momentary circumstances distract you from who you want to be and the life you want to live. 
To recognize, whatever is happening, it is a moment and not who you are.
To practice forgiveness, for others and self.
To let yourself off the mat.
To let go.

Select the Peace symbol if your intention is to let stress go and bring peace in to your everyday life.

Now, go select your jewelry "well" to hold your intentions.


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